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What is Ozashikiasobi ?

At an orthodox Japanese traditional restaurant, you can enjoy Ozashikiasobi or Geisya asobi

with Maiko or Geigi.

Maiko and Geigi are successors of traditional performing art, have regularly taken hard

lessons and polish up their art.

It would be a very luxurious time that you enjoy their art by their side and having good

food and sake at the same time. We’d like you to have this precious experience in Japan.

People often think that Ozashiki asobi is for males only as imagined from the word,

but it actually is not. Even female groups enjoy Osashiki asobi. A lady should not worry

about it.

What is the difference between Maiko and Geigi ?

Maiko is abut a15 to 20 years old girl who is at the apprentice of a Geigi, wearing a flowery

Kimono, hairpin and long draping sash without tying at the back.

After finishing the apprentice, hold a ceremony called Erigae and become a Geigi.

There are two kinds of Geigi, one is Tachikata and the other is Jikata.

Maiko usually starts to wear adult-like kimono and ornaments and work as a Geigi.

Sightseeing and shopping could be great fun, but to enjoy traditional and mature game must

become great memory of your trip.

Why don’t you try to experience a characteristic side of Susukino.


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